Draco Knight

A quest to reclaim a land lost to darkness

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Rise and beat back the forces of evil

Confront the darkness, liberate the realms

The land is under siege by an evil force! Beasts, monsters and other unspeakable beings lurk in the wild. Castle Drakeholm a former sanctuary has been taken by the enemy, assume the role of the Draco Knight, reclaim the castle and beat back the forces of evil.

Engaging and visceral combat system

Draco Knight is a combat based 2D action game. It’s gameplay hearkens back to classic beat-em-ups from the 90s, however with a twist, it uses twin-stick controls to offer an easy to learn but hard to master gameplay that will challenge battled hardened gamers.

Explore, Befriend and Grow

Explore the ruins of castle Drakenholm, meet and befriend NPCs. As you delve deeper into the castle learn new skills and abilities. Build a sense of progression as your skill improves and the Draco Knight gets stronger.

Classic pixel art graphics

Every character, enemy and bosses in Draco Knight is lovingly illustrated in traditional pixel art. The retro art style provides a unique and nostalgic presentation that makes you want to see everything the game has to offer.


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